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What is Advanced SEO setup on a Wix Website?

Over the last couple of years, Wix has taken time to develop easier access to Advanced SEO tools for setting up a website to perform at its best organically. Using Robotz Meta Tags on a website is essential for managing the way search engines navigate and catalog its pages. These meta tags direct search engines to crawlers, guiding them on which content to index and present in search results. We are going to focus on 3 areas of the importance of utilizing the Advanced SEO portion of the Wix website dashboard.

1. Control Over Indexing:

Robots Meta Tags allow website owners to specify which pages should be indexed by search engines and which pages should be excluded. This control is particularly useful for preventing sensitive or duplicate content from being indexed, which can improve the overall quality of search engine results

2. Crawl Budget Optimization:

Search engine crawlers have limited resources, so it's important to ensure they're focusing on crawling and indexing the most important pages of a website. By using Robots Meta Tags to control which pages are crawled and indexed, website owners can optimize their crawl budget and ensure that important pages are prioritized.

3. Enhancing User Experience:

By controlling how search engines index and display content, website owners can improve the overall user experience by ensuring that users are directed to relevant and high-quality content in search results.


How Studio Magic can help!

What I've noticed is that all SEO companies want to charge ongoing services for this type of setup. When we looked at the Wix System and what we could provide - we know that enhancing this portion of a website can be done without requiring an ongoing service charge. 


Two Package Option

Package 1: Website Health Audit / $299


• Get a deep analytic report from your Wix Dashboard Analytics

• Receive tips for actions on how to improve website performance and organic SEO traction

• 1-1 Screenshare Consultation over Website Health Analysis.

Package 2: Website Health Audit + Advanced SEO Setup /$599

Includes: Everything in Website Health Audit +

• Making your website Accessible for the disabled. 

• Rich Text & Deep Robot.txt meta link setup 

• Implement Custom Structured Data Setup

• Assess any 404 Redirects or Broken Links on The site. 

• Alt tagging all images 

Regardless of choosing to have us set up your Advanced SEO services - please take time to research how to set up your website to perform its best organically. Hope to work with you soon!

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