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What's the Difference?

Not sure what you need to get started? 

We provide a personalized approach to web design, understanding that every business is unique. Our team offers solutions ranging from basic websites to advanced projects with custom features. At Studio Magic, we help you build a website that stands out from the competition and meets your business goals.

  • Websites built from templates are pre-designed website layouts that can be easily customized with content and images. Using a template allows for a quick and cost-effective way to get a website up and running. However, the level of customization is limited to the options provided by the template. While it's possible to change colors, fonts, and images, significant alterations may not be achievable without technical expertise.

  • Basic Business websites are created from scratch to meet your business's specific requirements and branding preferences. In this approach, we work closely with you to understand the business vision, target audience, and business goals. We then creates a unique layout, design, and user interface tailored to these specific needs. Custom design offers complete creative freedom, enabling the development of a distinct and memorable website that stands out from competitors.

  • Advanced development refers to the implementation of complex and sophisticated features on a website. This could include functionalities such as e-commerce platforms, user account systems, CRM databases, Dynamic Page Builds, Interactive Elements, and more.

    While custom design focuses on the visual aspect, advanced development deals with the technical implementation of these features. Advanced development is often needed for websites with unique or intricate requirements that go beyond the capabilities of standard templates or basic designs.

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Create a Customs Website for Your Brand

Custom websites are built from scratch and tailored to fit exactly what your business needs to communicate with its viewers.

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