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Case Study :: Wellful Mama

The Story:

Case Study: Rebranding Therapeutic Mama Support to Wellful Mama

Client Overview:

Upon our initial Discovery Call, I loved Courtney. She had such ease about her, and working with her was a designer's dream. She really allowed me to step into my magic to generate creativity, which landed us in a completely different area than when we started.

Courtney's passion and experience as a lactation coach are to support new mothers on their breastfeeding journey. With a background in nursing and a deep commitment to maternal well-being, Courtney founded Therapeutic Mama Support with the goal of providing comprehensive guidance and support to mothers in need.


Upon consulting with Courtney, it became evident that while her services were invaluable, the branding of her business did not fully capture the essence of her mission and approach. The name "Therapeutic Mama Support" felt clinical and did not convey the holistic and nurturing nature of Courtney's services. Additionally, the name lacked the potential for scalability and marketability.


After thorough research and analysis, it was clear that a rebranding effort was necessary to align Courtney's business with her vision and resonate with her target audience effectively. Recognizing the need for a name that was both memorable and reflective of Courtney's values, I proposed the name "Wellful Mama." At first, Courtney wasn't open to the idea, "wellful" isn't technically a word. We dug through several other options but the .com didn't exist but Wellful Mama - was open on all channels. As I began to design the logo for Therapeutic Mama Support, graphically I was struggling to make it "pop" so I went back to Wellful Mama. When I saw it on screen - I knew I needed to try once more. I sent a visual image to Courtney to see how she felt about it. Immediately, she felt and saw the difference. Here's the dialog:


1. Discovery Phase: I conducted in-depth interviews and discussions with Courtney to gain a deep understanding of her business goals, target audience, and brand values.

2. Brand Identity Development: Leveraging insights gathered from the discovery phase, I developed a brand identity that embodied Courtney's nurturing approach and positioned her as a leader in holistic maternal support.

3. Name Selection: After brainstorming sessions and careful consideration, "Wellful Mama" emerged as the frontrunner for the new brand name. It conveyed a sense of wellness, fulfillment, and empowerment, perfectly encapsulating Courtney's mission.

4. Visual Identity Design: I designed a logo and visual elements that complemented the new brand name, evoking feelings of warmth, nurture, and positivity.

5. Messaging and Communication Strategy: I crafted messaging guidelines and communication strategies to ensure consistency across all touchpoints and effectively convey the brand's values and offerings.


The rebranding effort from Therapeutic Mama Support to Wellful Mama yielded significant "pop" for Courtney's business:

Improved Brand Perception: The new brand name and identity resonated with Courtney's target audience, positioning her as a trusted and relatable resource for new mothers.

Increased Engagement: The rebranding sparked renewed interest and engagement from both existing and potential clients, leading to a surge in inquiries and consultations.

Enhanced Scalability: Wellful Mama provided a strong foundation for future growth and expansion, allowing Courtney to diversify her offerings and reach a broader audience.


Collaborating with Courtney was an incredible experience. Her ease and flow allowed us to work together as a team to leverage a creative strategy for the rebranding effort that successfully transformed Therapeutic Mama Support into Wellful Mama. The new brand identity not only captured the essence of Courtney's mission but also empowered her to make a meaningful impact on the lives of mothers and babies alike.

Visual Assets:

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