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Case Study :: Studio Goldfish

Case Study: Studio Goldfish

Client Overview:

Company Name: Studio Goldfish Industry: Floral Design and Arrangements Client Type: Small to Medium-Sized Business Location: Headquarters in Los Angles, CA Problem Statement: Zoe Goldsmith approached Big Magic seeking a distinctive brand identity that would set them apart in the highly competitive floral industry. They desired a captivating and modern, bold California 70's vibey brand image that would appeal to their target audience and reflect the essence of their unique floral creations.


Studio Goldfish, a boutique floral company founded by two passionate floral artists, began its journey in 2015. With a keen eye for aesthetics and an innate understanding of design, they quickly garnered a loyal customer base. Over time, their innovative floral arrangements and personalized services set them apart from traditional florists, but they struggled to communicate this uniqueness effectively.

Zoe's Goals:

  1. Brand Differentiation: Create a brand identity that stands out in the saturated floral market and highlights Zoe's distinct style and approach.

  2. Attract New Audiences: Attract a broader audience, particularly urban millennials and corporate clients, who appreciate modern, artistic floral designs.

  3. Consistency: Develop a consistent brand image that extends across all touchpoints, from logo and packaging to digital platforms and physical store design.

  4. Emotional Connection: Establish an emotional connection with customers, conveying the passion, creativity, and attention to detail that Zoe and her team of designers put into each arrangement.

Zoe's Challenges:

  1. Competitive Landscape: The floral industry in Los Angles, CA is competitive, with numerous established and emerging florists vying for customers' attention.

  2. Ambiguous Identity: Zoe's brand identity lacked clarity and consistency, making it challenging for customers to understand what sets her apart.

  3. Client's Vision: Zoe had a strong vision for her brand but struggled to articulate it cohesively. The challenge was to translate their passion into a tangible, visually appealing identity that exceeded beyond Instagram posts and DM messages.


Big Magic approached the project with a comprehensive strategy that involved close collaboration with Zoe. The process included the following steps:

  1. Brand Discovery: Conducted extensive interviews and workshops with the founders to understand their artistic inspiration, brand values, and unique design process.

  2. Brand Positioning: Developed a unique value proposition that emphasized Zoe's commitment to artistic, contemporary floral creations with a personalized touch.

  3. Visual Identity Development: Created a range of logo concepts and visual elements inspired by Studio Goldfish's artistic process and signature arrangements. Colors and typography were carefully chosen to evoke elegance and modernity.

  4. Packaging Design: Designed elegant packaging that reflected the brand's identity, ensuring a memorable unboxing experience for customers.

  5. Digital and Physical Touchpoints: Extended the brand identity to Studio Goldfish's website, social media platforms, and their physical store, ensuring a seamless and consistent customer experience.


How the discovery process unfolded:

Some ideas Zoe had.

After seeing Zoe's ideas - we started talking about combining her name into the mix of the business name. Everyone in her circle knows her as Big Z and her Instagram handler is zGoldfish.

Other Design Options



The collaboration between Big Magic and Studio Goldfish resulted in the successful transformation of the floral company's brand identity. The new brand identity showcased Studio Goldfish's artistic flair and brought cohesiveness to their overall messaging. The outcomes were as follows:

  1. Distinctive Brand Image: Studio Goldfish now has a unique and captivating brand identity that sets them apart in the competitive floral industry.

  2. Expanded Customer Base: The contemporary and artistic brand identity appealed to a wider audience, attracting new customers from urban millennials to corporate clients.

  3. Strong Emotional Connection: The new brand identity successfully conveyed Studio Goldfish's passion for floral artistry, fostering a stronger emotional bond with customers.

  4. Consistent Brand Presence: The brand identity extended across all touchpoints, creating a consistent and recognizable presence both online and offline.

  5. Positive Reception: The rebranding received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, industry peers, and media outlets, further elevating Studio Goldfish's reputation.


Through an innovative and collaborative approach, Big Magic successfully transformed Studio Goldfish's brand identity, elevating its position in the floral industry. The new brand identity effectively communicated the company's artistic vision and values, attracting a diverse and loyal customer base. Studio Goldfish continues to flourish, bringing their unique floral artistry to an ever-expanding audience, thanks to their distinctive and captivating brand identity crafted by Big Magic.

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