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Case Study :: Kiki & Alicia :: Business Brand Development

Revitalizing Dreams: How Studio Magic Transformed Kiki and Alicia Stahlberg's Children's Brand & Online Presence

This was a particularly interesting case study and it was truly an honor working with Alicia.

This is one of those times where I get to use my skillset to ignite the fire behind a heart-moving passion. This has happened to me two times this year. The first was for The Lauren Boss Legacy Foundation and the second is for Kiki Stahlberg. Alicia came to me with her and her daughter's passion for children's books focused on mental health awareness. She had already started a DIY project on the Wix Classic editor. However, while functional, the template she chose to work with didn't match the exciting vibrant colors and professionalism of their children's books.

Here are some of the issues with the original design:

Original Site Challenges:

🤔 Lack of Business Brand Development & Awareness: The website offered a glimpse at the books - but they were separate entities and didn't have a conclusive brand identity.

→ Navigational Issues: Visitors struggled to find information easily, leading to a less engaging user experience.

😩 Limited Features: The site lacked modern features to captivate and inform its audience effectively.

Enter Studio Magic on Building Kiki & Alicia into a proper Brand.

Recognizing the potential and importance of Alicia's work, Studio Magic embarked on a mission to transform her brand presence. Here’s how we made a difference:

👀 1. Visual Redesign:

Modern Aesthetic: We introduced a fresh, vibrant design that resonates with the themes of children's literature and mental health awareness. The new site features a cohesive color palette, high-quality images, and a clean layout that is both welcoming and professional. Intuitive Navigation: We restructured the website to make it easy for visitors to find information. Clear menus and organized content paths guide users smoothly through the site. New Logo: This was my favorite part! I love building logos. Logos mean something. They are the design that becomes the face of the business. Alicia didn't have a direction for a logo and as an author, she didn't know if it was important. But as Alicia expressed some other areas she would like the mission to reach - I knew a logo was imperative. Alicia had sent me a text photo. Through my experience as a designer - I was able to turn her daughter real signature into the business logo. AH! I loved the energy of creating that.

2. Enhanced The Brand Message & Voice:

Intuitive Navigation: We restructured the website to make it easy for visitors to find the books! Clear menus and organized content paths guide users smoothly through the site.

Engaging Content: Added interactive elements such as galleries, videos, and call-to-action buttons to keep visitors engaged and informed.

The Impact of Building Brand Awareness is powerful!

The new website, Kiki and Alicia Stahlberg ( is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and strategic improvements.


Studio Magic’s redesign of Alicia’s website has turned it into a dynamic platform that is both visually appealing and highly functional. By enhancing design, user experience, and functionality, we have helped Alicia connect more effectively with her audience and advance her mission of promoting mental health awareness through children’s books.

Alicia and I are now exploring new ideas for expanding our brand’s reach in mental health awareness. Stay tuned for the launch of Kiki's Heart.


If you’re looking to transform your website and amplify your mission, contact Studio Magic today at Let us help you create an online presence that truly reflects the heart and soul of your work.

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